Night in the City: The Movies
Night in the City: The Movie 1

Taking the Painted People series a step further, they are now animated in two movies. In "Night in the City: The Movie 1" the imagery is made from my pictures and films of New York City, its parks and streets, and there is also footage that I took during airplane flights. The video is made from the Adobe programs of Photoshop and After Effects, which I taught myself to use via online tutorials. I also make the music myself using Garageband.

Night in the City 2

This Painted People movie was made from imagery that I filmed on a trip to London, Amsterdam and Madrid, and also a festival in Allentown, PA.
"Night in the City 2" will be featured in a scene in an upcoming film, "X/Y," directed by Ryan Piers Williams and starring America Ferrara (of "Ugly Betty" fame).